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Buildings as material banks and masters in Circular Economy is

Photo: ABN Amro office in Circl, Amsterdam

Architecture in Amsterdam

«Throughout the year Amsterdam is one of Europe’s foremost architecture and design city, not only because of 17-th century rings of canals. Amsterdam is where modern architecture developed organically between facades of historical buildings. Since it is not a very big city, all sites of interest are within acceptable distance, this is why Amsterdam is so popular with lovers of architecture»

Six meters below sealevel, the city known for its aesthetically pleasing brick residences built by wealthy merchants from the 17th century are vulnerable to increasing sealevels caused by climatechange. The Netherlands is taking serious measures against climatechange caused by humans and is the world leader of circular economy in architecture today. Recycled materials in Breeam ceritified buildings are found in largescale areas.

The world famous brick buildings of Amsterdam have lasted for hundreds of years surrounding the canals and giving the city a welcoming atmosphere.

Circular Economy and buildings as materialbanks

Circl is a green area in Amsterdam Center surrounded by Breeam Excellent buildings focusing on circular economy. ABN Ambro main office building has solely reused or recycled materials. Rainwater is used in the wc. The café has vertical plant walls outside and serve excellent organic food inside or on the rooftop.

Cradle-to-cradle office space

Park2020 in Haarlemmermeer businesspark in Hoopddorp near Schiphol airport it the world’s first full service Cradle-to-cradle working environment.

The businesspark combines sustainable design and an optimal ecologial approach with a ground-breaking view on doing business in an innovative way. Human well-being, now and in the future, is the central element. This focus results in an inspiring, healthy and productive work environment. High-quality services and economic growth are the positive results.

Cradle-to-cradle reflects an «intelligent», sustainable and innovatively smart notion aimed at producing, designing and bulding as beneficially as possible without ignoring the economic factors. The cradle-to-cradle concept is characterised by three principles derived from nature:

  1. Waste = food; everything is a resource for something else
  2. Use renewable energy
  3. Celebrate diversity

Cradle-to-cradle thinking implies continously looking for new opportunities to improve quality, increase value and spur innovation. It extends design consideration to all of the cycles of life that run through our buildings and communities. It inspires to constantly seek improvement in the designs, and to share the discoveries with others.

Designing and building in Park 2020 are tailored to the biological or technical cycle; there is no waste of energy, water or materials. Materials are «leased», not used. The applied materials have been proven to be harmless to the enviroment and safe to humans.

The buildings can easily be redesigned into other types of buildings in example residentials. The rooms and walls are flexible and all materials are documented for environmental qualities, re-design, re-use or recycling in the future

«Park2020 was founded by inspiring visionaries; Delta Development Group, VolkerWessels and Reggenborgh Group. Ech with their won epertise and ideas share the passion for the business and the world. They belive in a way of working in which change is driven by a new and sustainable way of doing business. Only in this way will the world continue to be a beautiful place, also for future generations». William McDonough+Partners

Lifecycle impact of buildingmaterials

The article continues after the illustrations:

The importance of materials in a Co2 aspect in Zero Emission Buildings.
Miljøpåvirkninger i et livsløp illustrert av Svanemerket
Swanmark/ EU-Ecolabel -The environmental impact of products in a lifespan

The outdoor area designed for urban farming is caring for biodiversity with plants, water, birds and insects. A greenhouse and arable produces vegetables to the café or for the employees to bring home. ParkCafè GROEN almost all ingredienses are provided by their own garden or procured from their immidiate vicinity and are mostly organic.

Eco-cafes and hotels

Finding eco-friendly services and products is easy in Amsterdam. The businesses proudly promote their eco-friendly aspects.

De Ceuvel  in Amsterdam Noord is a recycled shipyard on polluted ground were old houseboats are saved and used as offices. Outdoors they are producing vegetables on floating beds in the canal. The café is a very popular meeting spot for the citizens of Amsterdam, serving only organic food and drinks. The Noord area in Amsterdam has become popular after redesign like this recycled café by the canal. You can easily get there by taking a free ferry by the Central Station and bike 5 minutes.

Buitenplaatsplantage  is a café serving only organic food. It is located close to beautiful and less crowded Haarlem 15 minutes drive from Amsterdam and built solely by recycled materials. The landscape and biodiversity melt together with their playful outdoor area.

We stayed at the Green Key Gold Hotel La Boheme well located and close to Vondelpark were a bike rental is around the corner. The small hotel is popular and make sure to reserve a room upfront.

The welcoming atmosphere of the architecture and people in Amsterdam is well worth a visit.

Find pictures from the places we visited below!

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Circl Breeam offices in Amsterdam
Circl Amsterdam
Circl area Amsterdam
Circl cafè
ABN Amro Office in Circl
Office buildings in Park2020 Amsterdam
Park2020 Greenhouse
Biutenplaatsplantage.Vogelzang near Amsterdam
Biutenplaatsplantage.Vogelzang near Amsterdam
Buitenplaatsplantage. Vogelzang near Amsterdam
Cafè Ceuvel. Amstedam Noord
Cafè Ceuvel. Amstedam Noord
Book a recycled houseboat office at Ceuvel. Amsterdam Noord
Book a recycled houseboat office at Ceuvel. Amsterdam Noord
Enjoy delicous organic food from Ceuvel floating garden!
Enjoy delicous organic food from The Cafè Ceuvel floating gardens!
Hotel La Boheme has Green Key Gold. Perfectly located and clean sweet rooms.
Hotel La Boheme has Green Key Gold. Perfectly located and clean sweet rooms.

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