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Sustainability is maintream today. What’s next?

Sustainability is pretty much mainstream in Europe today. Sustainability is not particular sexy is it, so what’s next?

Sustainable innovation inspired by nature

Here’s the idea: nature is extremely creative and evolved many solutions to solve different challenges. And it does it in a very elegant way!

It’s still got the toughest ceramics out there (that would be abalone shell), it can make glues in wet environment (think mussels on rocks), it’s doing all of its chemistry at room temperature with local chemicals that are not harmful to their environment. It’s an awesome architect: termite mounds have constant temperature inside no matter what the outside temperature is (natural A/C). Nature does not produce waste, all of it is nutrients for some other organism. You get the clue, nature has plenty we can learn from and get inspired! Biomimicry Norway

Using nature’s genius in architecture

Architect Michael Pawlyn finds inspiration from nature in his designs by increasing resource efficiency, in linear to closed loop and from fossil fuels to solar-based economy.


Interdiciplinary co-operation is essential

Biologists are part of Pawlyn’s architecture design team from early stage, even though architects might feel humiliated of this approach because of their belief in ownership to excellence in design.

Interdisciplinary co-operation is essential in several successful architect offices today increasing the understanding of needs from several angels. Read about Snøhetta and neuroscience in architecture

Don’t panic

Humans are clever, but without intending to, we have created massive sustainability problems for future generations. There is no planet B and human population is exploding.

Don’t panic, Hans Rosling says. He was the inspiring statistic and illustrator of how to solve the exploding human population growth. He illustrated how rich people have to be in front of developing solutions for life on our extrodinary planet. Watch the video here.


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