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Owen Zachariasse

Owen Zachariasse is responsible for all Innovation and Sustainability activities within the Delta Development Group.

Over the last 12 years Delta has deeply embedded Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economic principles into the heart of its business. Within his roll Zachariasse links upstream acquisition to downstream realization with the mandate of delivering on, and ensuring the continuous improvement of Delta’s key principles behind innovation and sustainability, leadership, creating and leveraging networks within its developments and building/running an effective, transparent, and efficient innovation process.
In addition to his work at Delta, Zachariasse is a Principle Partner at Delta’s offshoot advice agency «Zachariasse Consulting», is active in a number of local charities and serves as a guest lecturer on the topics of real estate development, business management and change management at The Hague University of Applied Science. Zachariasse gives keynotes across Europe, Canada and America, having notably lectured at Stanford University. He holds a BBA from Adelphi University and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management with concentration in Real Estate Finance from the Rotterdam School of Management.

På Greenbuilt Dialogkonferanse forteller Zachariasse om Cradle-to-cradle materialbanker i Amsterdam.


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