Circular projects

Circular business model in short

The circular economy goes further than just making things more sustainable. Improving sustainability often mainly involves reducing energy consumption, whereas the focus in the circular economy is on raw materials.

The Construction & Real Estate sector stands out as a heavy user of raw materials. Viewed from this perspective, we are standing on top of an enormous raw materials bank. From this position, we can make tangible contributions to a more circular economy

Circular inputs

Use non-toxic, high-grade recycled, bio-based or biodegradable raw
materials that are renewable or canbe reused. Reduce the use of raw
materials in general.

Product service-systems

Deliver a service instead of a product and retain ownership. Monitor and
stay in control of raw materials. Relieve clients of the burden and ensure their
long-term loyalty.

Lifetime extension

Maintain and extend lifetime through the use of smart maintenance, repairs,
upgrades and renovation.

Sharing platforms

Combat underutilisation or surplus capacity by sharing products or assets
and optimising their use.

Value recovery

Use waste from used products and the production process to make new raw


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