Vertikal Nydalen Oslo – BREEAM Excellent and Futurebuilt

Vertikal Nydalen in Oslo utilizes Innovative Environmental Technology and is Norway’s First Hybrid Building with Natural ClimatizationSpanning 10,000 square meters across 18 floors,

Developer Avantor and architect Snøhetta have collaborated on this landmark project, with research and development support from Naturligvis, Lowex, Smarttune, and Hybridene. The main contractor is Skanska Tenkinn and Skanska Norge.

Vertikal Nydalen sets new standards for environmental performance in its offices, restaurants, and residences.The project stands out with its innovative, energy-efficient solutions and a comprehensive environmental strategy, aiming to be a model project.

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Vertikal Nydalen i Oslo har nyskapende miljøteknologi. BREEAM Excellent og Futurebuilt prosjekt.

Environmental Qualities of Vertikal Nydalen

Certifications and Ambitions

Early environmental certification, such as BREEAM NOR certification, is therefore a key factor in ensuring that a project like Vertikal Nydalen can actually realize its innovative and sustainable visions.

This proactive approach to environmental considerations throughout the entire project lifecycle is crucial for ensuring that the overarching environmental goals are met in the completed building.

  • Vertikal Nydalen is a FutureBuilt pilot project, aiming for the BREEAM-NOR “Excellent” level for the office areas.
  • Developer Avantor has a clear environmental strategy aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with Vertikal Nydalen as a key project to realize these ambitions.
Innovative Environmental Solutions

The building features a range of innovative environmental solutions, aiming to be a model project for sustainable architecture.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  • The building has achieved a “triple zero solution” as defined by FutureBuilt criteria, meaning it uses no energy for heating, cooling, or ventilation.
  • This is accomplished through geothermal wells, solar panels, and a low-energy heating and cooling system.
  • The natural ventilation in the building also helps reduce energy consumption compared to traditional mechanical systems.

Sustainable Design

  • The building’s design is central to the natural ventilation solution, with volume and generous ceiling heights enabling air circulation without mechanical fans.
  • Apartments have facade vents and kitchen/bathroom exhaust, where the exhaust heat is recovered for water heating.
  • The restaurant area has a hybrid ventilation system allowing natural ventilation part of the year.
BREEAM Excellent Material Requirements
  • To achieve BREEAM Excellent certification, the project must meet strict requirements for materials and products, as defined in the BREEAM NOR manual.
  • These requirements include limitations on specific chemical contents and documentation of emissions
Suppliers Breeam requirements

Viega – piping systems for drinking water

Glasopor – lightweight fill material for foundations

Potential Drawbacks or Pitfalls for Green Financing in EU.

Based on the information provided, no specific drawbacks or negative aspects of the Vertikal Nydalen project are identified. The search results focus solely on the innovative and sustainable qualities of the building.However, to ensure transparency for green financing, it would be beneficial to document any requirements that may not fully align with EU taxonomy criteria for green buildings. This could help identify potential areas for improvement and demonstrate a commitment to comprehensive sustainability.

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This article was written and adjusted by Vikki Johansen and 2024.04.17



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