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We have since 2015 provided an open web portal for building solutions with recognised and documented health and environmental qualities. Our key focus is on construction projects, materials and products.

Our online  platform have become an important tool for promoting and scale sustainable building products and technologies. This  allow manufacturers, suppliers and builders to showcase their products and services to a wider audience, and can be accessed easily. They also allow architects, engineers and builders to virtually experience and explore different products, materials and technologies, which is particularly useful when it comes to planning and designing buildings.

We employ all available resources in order to champion the goal that everyone in the building industry shall choose environmentally verified solutions. We work strategically to create motivation and provide knowledge about projects, products and methods that ensure sustainable outcomes.

We work together with recognised architects, engineers, consultants, researchers and building clients  to collect, document and evaluate products and solutions. Only products with comprehensive, recognised environmental documentation and credentials are presented by us.

Many of the leading building suppliers and decision makers are our clients and follow our newsletters and online information. Recommended solutions and options are provided on Greenbuilt.no with easy drop down menus and tables.

Our services
  • Consultancy for environmental certification that is tailored for your business
  • Publishing projects, products and services with accredited health and environmental qualities
  • Producing content and publication material for building journals and the press
  • Developing optimised search functions** for easy access
  • Producing advertising content and publications for recognised ESG* solutions for the building industry.
Science-based Targets and Third-Party Verification for Transparency and Accountability

Science-based targets, transparency, and third-party verification are essential components of Greenbuilt, providing a framework for designing and constructing sustainable buildings and infrastructures that not only the climate and nature crisis but also promote social justice and equity.

This ensures measurable goals based on the latest scientific understanding of the necessary actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the natural environment. Transparency and third-party verification ensure that goals are met and progress is tracked in a transparent and accountable manner. By using these tools, building professionals can make informed decisions for energy efficient and sustainable design, and demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

The third-party certification process provides transparency and accountability, as it allows building owners, occupants, and the public to see how a building measures up against established standards. This can help increase public awareness and understanding of the importance of sustainable building practices.

Finally, it can be used as a marketing tool, as it demonstrates a  commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This can help attract tenants, buyers, and investors.

History and resource group

Greenbuilt is a company that emerged in response to the growing awareness of the negative impacts of human activity on the environment. The comapany emphasizes the importance of designing and building structures that are energy efficient, sustainable, and in harmony with the natural environment.

Read. Building materials are the key to sustainable construction. Chris Butters

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet today, and the built environment. Buildings accounts for a significant portion of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Greenbuilt aims to address this problem by promoting the use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient building designs, and sustainable materials.

The destruction of natural habitats and ecosystems, as well as pollution and other human activities, are having a devastating impact on the planet. Greenbuilt recognizes the importance of preserving and protecting the natural environment, and incorporates strategies for reducing our environmental footprint and promoting biodiversity.

To solve these problems, Greenbuilt relies on science-based strategies and technologies. Designs that take into account local climate and environment can help reduce energy consumption and promote biodiversity. Materials and technologies that are energy-efficient and made from sustainable resources, as well as strategies such as re-use, greatly reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

Our resource group

Greenbuilt has for a number of years worked closely with managers and decision makers in large construction, supply and property companies on the topic of thorough environmental documentation and certification. This also involves close cooperation with a range of consultants with specialised qualifications. Key persons in Greenbuilt’s current expert resource group are:

Vikki Johansen: Founder of Greenbuilt, accredited advisor for Environmental Leadership Certifications. Specialist in health- and environmental documentation and digital media and an event organizer. Seminar leader for EU-Ecolabel, Breeam-Nor and for many major building enterprises. Environmental adviser for Nordic Choice Hotels and others. Formerly a securities trading advisor.

Chris Butters: Editor, author and consultant, practicing architect, researcher and educator with 40 years of pioneering experience in many countries within sustainable solutions for green buildings and cities. Widely published author of books, articles, and papers in international scientific journals.

Sandy Halliday: Consultant and author, a chartered engineer and internationally respected author, thought leader and communicator with extensive experience of trans-disciplinary working in the field of sustainable buildings and places. She has been a researcher and educator in built environment issues and a sustainability adviser to the private, public and third sector since 1986

Paul Woodville: Architect and urban planner with extensive experience from Scandinavia and the UK within the field of sustainable architecture and urbanism. Paul has taught at a range of international universities and acted as adviser to a range of municipal planning authorities, architectural practices, developers, and government-funded sustainability programmes. 

Yngve Dahle: Business development consultant, has a PhD in entrepreneurship from NTNU. He is associate professor II at the University of Southeast Norway. Yngve uniquely combines up-to-date theoretical knowledge with large amounts of practical experience. Among other things, he has been involved in starting and developing several successful companies. He is today an entrepreneur and partner in “Entreprenerdy”, a company that helps entrepreneurs both in Norway and internationally.

Per Olav Berg: Journalist and photographer specialising in buildings and construction since 1996; formerly editor-in-chief in the major journal “Byggeindustrien”, thoroughly acquainted with the entire spectrum of players in the industry; produces text and photos on commission for press releases and building journals.

Einar Brustad: Sales and marketing consultant with broad experience through many years, including as founder and leader of Viasat.

Aditi Jajal-Newy: Text writer consultant with over 8 years of experience in communications, assisting entrepreneurs and businesses to create their own voice in a noisy digital world.

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