Cladding wood – Bergene Holm Norway

Haslestad Production Plant in Norway produces a wide variety of timber products, including:

  • Construction wood.
  • Cladding

The department also has Bergene Holm’s only finger jointing production line.

Domestic customers are the established hardware stores in Eastern Norway, parts of Western Norway as well as industry customers.

Bergene Holm AS produces a wide range of cladding profiles in both spruce and pine. We supply cladding untreated and with a wide range of surface treatments.

Cladding protects our buildings against rain and mechanical damage. It also has an important esthetic task, and different profiles, sizes and treatments can make big difference in the appearance of a building.

Haslestad Production Plant exports to Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.


Miljofyrtarn – The Norwegian certified environmental management system recognized by EU

Environmental Product Delcaration (EPD)

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