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What do we offer?

GreenBuilt.no is owned by Ecoteria AS and shows an overview of trustworthy, eco-certified building materials. We give presentations before building owners, architects, interior architects and housing cooperatives to increase the knowledge about buildings that are good for the indoor climate and environment. Events and workshops are held in order to inspire, increase the knowledge and remove “bottlenecks” for eco-friendly buildings.

We look forward to continuously filling up our menues with indoor climate and eco documented building materials and interior products.  Subscribe for our Newsletter at the bottom of the page for updates! (Maximum 2-4 times per month).

Why are we doing this?

Think balance! Good for the environment – Good for you!

The construction industry stands for 40% of the world’s energy consumption, the CO2 emission and waste. We find ourselves indoors 90% of the time. Many toxins can be found in building material which may harm our genetic material, be carcinogenic and damage the nature and environment.

The materials may have significant influence on our health, nature and environment in a lifespan.

Products that are adapted to the enironment and do not harm the indoor climate can be little visible and difficult to find in the jungle of all other products. We will show where you can find the goods that are better than others.

Your contribution matters! The demand will increase and the products are becoming more attractive to produce and sell. When you choose ethical, eco-friendly products, it contributes significantly to a healthier life for you and your surroundings.

Who are we?



Vikki Johansen
Owner, marketer and project manager with knowledge about materials

Eco-lighthouse and ISO14001 consultant, BREEAM NOR introduction course, course about materials and a member of Norwegian Green Building Concil and the working groups (Mat1 and Mat 3) for new manual 2016. Has worked within the finance industry (1986 – 2014), Education: Economics (BI 2000/2001) Master programme in Project management (BI 2011/2012), Web marketer (eCademy 2013/2014) Permaculture Design Certificate (2013), Permculture Design step-by-step (2014). In the autumn of 2013 I was a lumber inspector for the rain forest foundation together withthe newspaper Nordstrand Blad.

Einar Brustad


Sales- and marketing consultant

Einar was the founder and CEO of Viasat AS as from the startup in 1989 and until 31.12.2002. In the period 1997-2002 he was also the general manager in TV1000 Norge. In this period he launched commercial tv, pay tv, pay-per-view and digital tv for the MTG group of companies in Norway.

Director for business development in the Norwegian Football Association in the period 2003-2004. Linked to NFF, Ullevaal Stadion and a number of areas within sports and partner concepts as a consultant for the implementation of many projects and responsibilities through various cooperation agreements with BMC after the establishment of the company in the winter of 2005. Developer of the concept «Handshake for Peace» in NFF which has become an international success.

More than 25 years of experience form management, sales and marketing – with high requirements to everyday efficiency, results and structure.

How do we do it?

We will assist more people in finding healthy, smart, eco-friendly solutions in a simple and inspiring way. We investigate with trustworthy participants and influence all levels in the building industry to make more conscious choices in presentations, on our userfriendly homepage and in social media. Our main focus is buliding materials.

“Everybody” is searching on the internet for purchases today. You will get an overview of many quality products in one place.

The web site is under continuous development and we look forward to hearing from YOU, your input and how we can assist you:

Suppliers of healthy products are welcome to contact us with trustworthy eco-documentation, and we will write about the product in our search-optimized website with articles to social media.

Would you like to advertise on GreenBuilt? See here!

Thanks to Sunniva Mellbye for the assistance with development of the website!


Tips about building material for a healthy indoor and outdoor climate can be found here, on Facebook (Architecture+)InstagramTwitter and in Nyhetsbrev.

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Eco-documentations are based on reccomendations from:
Norwegian Green Building Council/BreeamNor
Byggtjeneste Eco-produkt
Miljøledelse ISO14001 / EMAS
M1 – Finsk Inneklimamerket
Gaia architects