Online marketplace and exhibition

Join the world’s only green architecture network digitally by becoming a member of Greenbuilt. This will give you the opportunity to position your brand in a strategic location and be referred by architects along the way. Showcase your sustainable products now!

Greenbuilt is the world’s only digital showcase for building materials and projects with recognized sustainability documentation. Together, we help bridge the gap between green jobs and green initiatives.

In addition to the digital showcase with product listings and articles or banner advertising in Norwegian and English, we offer a variety of customized options, such as tailormade courses, editorial campaigns, press releases offered to trade or daily press, or sponsored social media campaigns.

We also offer sponsored editorial opportunities to give brands with recognized sustainability documentation more visibility and higher engagement with our Norwegian and global audience.

Editorial campaigns are paid posts that appear on our website along with our regular editorial content.

If you wish to contact a member of the Greenbuilt team directly, you can call us at +47 47847774 or send an email to”